Aloo Paratha Recipe


For the chapathi dough :

    Wheat flour - 1 cup
    Oil - 1 tblsp
    Milk - 1 tbsp
    Salt - as required
    Water - as required

For the Aloo filling :

    Potatoes - 2 large
    Coriander leaves -2 tblsp
    Turmeric powder - a generous pinch
    Jeera - 1.5 tsp
    Green chillies -2 (or) Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
    Salt - as required

Cooking Method:

1. Mix all the above under 'for the chapathi dough' and knead it to a soft non-sticky dough as we make for chapathis. Keep aside for 30mins.

2. Pressure cook the potatoes until soft and mash it well without any lumps. Mix all the ingredients under for 'aloo filling' together and make small lemon sized balls and make it ready.

3. Now divide the chapathi dough into equal parts and roll into smooth balls bigger than the aloo balls. Flour the surface and roll the chappathi dough slightly thicker.

4. Then place the aloo ball in the center and gather the dough from all sides sealing it finely.

4. Now again flatten it slightly with your palms and then start rolling gently. Roll it without the filling oozing out.

5. Heat a dosa tawa, transfer the aloo parathas, drizzle little oil and cook on both sides.

6. Serve hot with curds and pickle. Enjoy your aloo parathas.

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